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Cascade Filter Systems

Preparing, filtering and tempering

We build efficient cascade filtration system for processing, filtering, pumping and temperature
controlling water-soluble coolants and cutting fluids. Our cascades can be utilized in the machining of glass, ceramics and metals. They are suitable for grinding, generating, sawing and milling machines and serve as a substitute for centrifuges. The integrated water-water-chiller can be connected with the central cooling system or external cooling unit.

The combination of sedimentation and 2-phase ultra-fine filtration enables a 3-phase filtration process. dopa cascade filter systems are further equipped with:

  • Quick couplings on all electrical connections and media lines
  • Non-contact level monitoring with alarm function (acoustic & optical)
  • Acoustic and visual alarm in case of pump errors (e.g. mechanical blockage)

Various further options are available upon request. We build cascade filter systems according to your needs. Please contact us to discuss your specifications.

Cascade Filter Systems 75 and 300 liter

Benefits of dopa cascade filter systems

  • Cost effective alternative to centrifuges
  • Compact design
  • 3-phase filtration secures that particles ≥1µm are filtered out
  • Ultra-fine filtration allows usage in the production of high-end surfaces
  • Removable pump units enable very easy cleaning of the entire system
  • Significant minimization of noise and vibration in the working area

Please see the data sheet – dopa cascade filter systems to access the detailed machine description.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would gladly support you with our expertise and customize the machines to your needs.