Current trade fair dates

We will be exhibiting at SPIE Optifab Rochester, 17-19 October 2023. Visit us at the Riverside Convention Center at booth 309, we look forward to seeing you.

Revolutionary Sapphire Optics

Over the past decade, dopa has developed new technologies to efficiently process sapphire optics. In our shop, we produce customized sapphire plano optics in various sizes and shapes.

Diamond Tools

Diamond Tools

for plano and plano parallel processing, spherical optics, micro and macro optics as well as aspherical and cylindrical geometries


for your grinding, lapping and diamond polishing or CMP needs

Machinery & Plant Engineering

with customized solutions for your grinding, lapping and polishing processes

Plano Optics

such as laser optical windows, mirrors and other geometries out of optical glass, fused silica, CaF2, sapphire, YAG, glass ceramic and many more materials

Contract Work

Contract Work & Services

such as grinding, lapping, polishing, chamfering and brushing, laser cutting and engraving, coating, metallization, wafer reclaim as well as measuring services

Product & Process Development

Product & Process Development

from feasibility studies to prototype production, processing tests under production conditions until the production of small and large batches


Developing Efficiency

For almost 30 years, dopa has been developing and producing diamond tools, consumables and machines for the production of high precision components of all kinds of materials such as optical glass, crystals, ceramics, metals and special material.

Our dopa tools and technologies are designed to create precision optics and parts that meet highest requirements in clearance, flatness and parallelism. 

In our own optics production facility, we produce mainly laser optical windows, mirrors and other high precision components for the optics, semiconductor, medical technology, luxury watches and automobile industry, as well as aerospace.

We are your competent partner for customized product and process development.

From the dopa premises in Berlin and with the support of international sales partners, we provide our clients with products and services worldwide.