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Our modern optics shop is equipped with more than 25 double-sided machines, 20 single-sided machines for grinding and polishing processes. Predominantly skilled workers (80%) are employed here to produce plano optics out of materials such as optical glass, fused silica, CaF2, sapphire, YAG, ceramics, SiC, refractory metal and many more. We supply customers of various industries, e.g. semiconductor, medical technology, luxury watches and automobile industry as well as aerospace, with our products and services.

Our dimensional range for components starts as low as 2 mm and reaches up to sizes of 700 mm. We ensure highest precision in flatness, parallelism and surface quality with our state-of-the-art technology and measurement systems. This includes ultrasound cleaning technologies, several interferometers, on which we can measure optics of up to 1.60 m in size, as well as white light interferometers to check and measure surface roughness. In addition, we offer you laser marking and engraving, ultra-fine drilling, chamfering and brushing processes. Coating services for your substrates such as AR, IR, plating and metallization, are available to you, too.

We produce anything from single copies to large batches. Please contact us for further information or to request our services.

Benefits of dopa‘s optics shop

  • Modern optics shop
  • Qualified staff with 80% of skilled workers
  • State-of-the-art technology and measurement systems
  • Highest precision in flatness, parallelism and surface quality
  • Dimensional range from 2 mm to 700 mm
  • Various additional services and contract work available
  • Quantities: from prototyping to mass production
Tanja Ruiters

Tanja Ruiters

Internal Sales Optics

+49 (0)30 5858428 18

Jens Müller

Jens Müller

Head of Business Unit & Sales Optics

+49 (0)30 5858428 41

If you have any questions or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.