Quality and measurement technology

Since September 2018, the dopa optics and tools production as well as R&D are DIN EN ISO9001:2015 certified. Our optics, tools and machine products are subject to continuous quality checks across the entire manufacturing chain. This entails the careful selection and control of the raw materials and parts, the standardized testing throughout our production process up to a thorough final check of all products before being dispatched to our customers.

Our customers can rely on our comprehensive after-sales service, which sets the base for the optimal use of our products throughout their entire live span.

In our optics and tool production area, we are equipped with a broad range of measurement technology, which allows us to ensure and meet cutting-edge tolerances.

In our optics shop, we use several white light interferometers to measure roughnesses up to Angstrom levels. Our grazing incidence and Fizeau interferometers can measure highest planarity tolerances for components of up to 1500 mm length.

In our tools section, the applied precision classifications and binding components are examined with laser diffraction and high-resolution optical microscopy. This ensures that our tools and slurries consistently achieve best results for our customers.

Certification & awards

dopa is DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified in the area of optics and tools production as well es research & development.
We are also recognized as AEO (Authorized Economic Operator).

In October 2017, we have been awarded company of the year 2017 in Berlin’s district of Lichtenberg.

„dopa – developing efficiency“

What our customers say

dopa diamond tools do not only offer top of the line products, but they also provide customer support that is untouchable. Working with a company that is passionate about staying on the cutting edge, will be a huge advantage for anyone willing to do so.

B. F. – LaCroix Precision Optics (USA)

During my visit to dopa for 2 days of process evaluation, I have been inspired and gained a better understanding of dopa’s capability – not only as a tools supplier, but also as a “solution provider”. Attention to requirements and commitment to resolve and provide a solution to all their customer’s challenges is the main advantage of collaboration with dopa. My visit gave me a greater confident and trust that dopa is a good and reliable supplier.

Y. H C. – SCHOTT GLASS (Malaysia)