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dopa offers a wide range of consumables, auxiliaries and operating supplies for your grinding and polishing processes, such as grinding and polishing slurries, carriers or dressing tools. We hereby do not understand us only as a vendor for just one product but as a company that develops, produces and implements solutions.

We try to harmonize our interacting products in order to get the very best performance – from the single consumable to turnkey solutions.

Benefits of dopa tools & technologies

  • dopa tools create ultra-homogeneous surfaces with minimal subsurface damage – even with high removal rates.
  • Thanks to the minimal subsurface damage polishing times are reduced significantly. This enhances product quality and quantity as well as process stability.
  • Sharp edges free from chippings: dopa tools are characterized by the sharp and chip-free edges they produce. Consequently, they are particularly suited for the manufacturing of prisms, sealings, beam splitters or equivalent components.
  • High dimensional accuracy: dopa tools are used for 24/7 mass production of components due to their reproduceable dimensional accuracy.
  • Optically measurable surfaces: The ultrafine surfaces created by dopa tools are already optically and interferometrically measurable. Therefore, the produced parts can be much more precise than usual.
  • Very clean process: The replacements of abrasive grinding processes with dopa grinding tools greatly improves the cleanliness and reduces cleaning efforts of the components. Grain residues are avoided, which cuts down time for cleaning and increases the yield significantly.
Olga Stark

Olga Stark

Internal Sales for Tools, Machines & Consumables

+49 (0)30 5858428 32

Jürgen Waidhas

Jürgen Waidhas

Sales Engineer for Tools, Machines & Consumables

Mario Patraschkov

Mario Patraschkov

Head of Sales Tools, Machines & Consumables

+49 (0)30 5858428 31

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