Revolutionary Sapphire Optics

Revolutionary Sapphire Optics

Over the past decade, dopa has developed new technologies to efficiently process sapphire optics. In our shop, we produce customized sapphire plano optics in various sizes and shapes. With our state-of-the-art technology we ensure highest precision in flatness, parallelism and surface quality.

We will gladly offer you our sapphire components and discuss your product specifications.

If you are interested in processing sapphire optics inhouse, we can provide you with our specialized tools and technologies:

  • Fixed abrasive grinding wheels replacing loose abrasives
  • Coolants, diamond slurries & CMP slurries in different grit sizes and formulations
  • DMP wheels for fine diamond polishing
  • Dressing tools for grinding and polishing wheels
  • Carriers according to your needs
  • Process development and customized solutions for sapphire and other materials

Applying these can significantly reduce process steps, total cycle time and total costs per part.

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