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Coolants & Lubricants

Coolants & lubricants for effective grinding

The coolants and lubricants we produce are tuned and concerted with our tools. Using our coolants increases their stock removal rates and secures their consistent performance.

Our coolants simultaneously improve the surface finish on the processed parts, which subsequently cuts down polishing time.

Coolants & Lubricants


dopa PP-1 is a highly efficient cooling and lubricating concentrate. It is ready for use, just after dilution with clean water.

PP-1 ensures high removal rates as well as excellent heat transfer and cooling properties directly in the cutting zone. Due to its chemical composition the residue of the removed material is bound instantly and taken away via your cascade/centrifuge/filter. It enables you to achieve top level surface quality on several materials such as glass, ceramics, metal and secure a long lifetime of your tools.


This cooling and lubricating fluid has been developed especially for processing sapphire. It is to be diluted in a higher ratio with water and is used for ultra-hard materials such as sapphire.

Benefits of coolants & lubricants:

  • Excellent water solubility
  • Clear fluid with very mild inherent odor
  • Contains defoamer
  • Outstanding usage duration during the grinding process
  • Excellent cooling properties for enhanced process control
  • Ensures an exceptionally high cutting capacity, which helps you to save time and money
Olga Stark

Olga Stark

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Jürgen Waidhas

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Mario Patraschkov

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