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Grinding & Polishing Pellets

Grinding & Polishing Pellets

We produce diamond pellets in various dimensions, grit sizes and chemical-mechanical properties. They are used as a single pellet tool or combined as a multi pellets on radius- or plano grinding wheels.

We have specialized on resin and hybrid bonded tools. Those two bond types give us the highest degree of freedom in directing the chemical, mechanical and physical tool properties.

The hybrid bond combines the benefits of metal bonded tools (cutting performance, endurance and good cooling properties) and resin bonded tooling (homogeneous scratch-free surfaces, very low sub surface damage, optically measurable after grinding, reduced polishing times).

Whatever bond type you choose – all dopa tools are characterized by their ability to achieve very high surface cleanliness as well as high dimensional accuracies. Therefore, they are widely used in precision optics, semiconductor, medical or space applications.

Our polishing pellets substitute polishing compounds such as polyurethane pads, pitch or composite materials. They consistently hold their shape and enable you hereby producing very precise workpieces.

We always have large amount of our standard pellets on stock and can dispatch your order very quickly.

Benefits of Diamond Pellets

  • Excellent cutting performance, endurance and high heat delivery from cutting zone
  • Homogeneous scratch-free surfaces
  • Optically measurable after grinding
  • Reduced polishing times
  • Long life-time
  • Their ability to achieve polished surfaces
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Very clean process
  • High process repeatability
  • Low sub surface damage
Olga Stark

Olga Stark

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Jürgen Waidhas

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Mario Patraschkov

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