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Flatness & Gap Measuring Systems

Flatness Measurement System

T dopa flatness measuring systems are used to check the flatness of grinding wheels, lapping wheels and polishing pads on micron level. They are very easy to handle and gives you precise information about flatness over the whole diameter. Keeping your wheels and polishing tools flat is crucial for producing flat parts. Knowing the exact shape of your tools is an absolute requirement before making any adjustments. Applying the dopa FMS will improve and stabilize your processes, save cost and enable you producing better parts.

Product content:
1 x precision liner made of stainless steel
2 x precision cylinder made of stainless steel (support for the steel liner)
1 x indicator with stainless steel base (resolution of 2 µm) 1 x calibration protocol of your flatness system

All components are stored in protective boxes to protect the flatness measuring system from environmental influences and physical damage.

Parallelism/Gap Measurement System

The dopa parallelism measuring system can be used on double-side grinding-, lapping- and polishing equipment. It gives you information about parallelism of top and bottom plate as well as waviness over the complete plate diameter with a precision on micron level.

A check is necessary:
1. When grinding-, lapping- or polishing wheels have been changed
2. After sharpening and conditioning process
3. For regular system checks e.g. as part of your preventive maintenance system

Product content:
3 x precision cylinder made from stainless steel (spacer)
1 x indicator with stainless steel base (resolution of 2 µm)

To protect the parallelism measuring system from environmental influences and physical damage all components are stored in protective boxes.

When you keep flatness and parallelism on a good level you will receive a better TTV and better surface quality of your products. Additionally, you save consumables, cost and time.

We recommend you to use the dopa parallelism system together with the dopa flatness measuring system, which is a very easy way to check the flatness of the lower plate. Using both systems you get an even better process control over your equipment and you can ensure reproducible and efficient results of your manufacturing process.

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