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Polishing Wheels

Polishing Wheels

We produce polishing wheels for single- and double-sided machines as well as CNC tools, which can be customized to your machine and application requirements.

Our polishing wheels perform at polishing a number of different materials. Here is a collection of some of them:

  • Metals – e.g. tungsten, molybdenum, nickel silver, stainless steel, ferrites or different alloys
  • Ceramics – e.g. Spinel, Al2O3, silicon carbide, SiSiC, silicon nitride, ALON®, aluminum nitride
  • Crystals – e.g. sapphire, calcium fluoride, germanium, silicon carbide, silicon, YAG
  • Different optical and industrial glass types
  • Material or workpiece combinations of the above mentions such as sapphire in stainless steel

All our tools are ground in with high precision and customized according to your needs.
Please contact us to discuss your specification.

Benefits of dopa polishing wheels:

  • High removal rates
  • Homogeneous, scratch-free surfaces
  • Transparent, interferometrically measurable surfaces
  • Polishing of material combinations without grit boundary effects as e.g. orange peel
  • Very low sub surface damage
  • Cutting-edge technology that is continuously optimized
  • Low edge roll enables tight form errors up to the edge of the processed parts
  • Easy to dress and condition
Olga Stark

Olga Stark

Internal Sales for Tools, Machines & Consumables

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Jürgen Waidhas

Jürgen Waidhas

Sales Engineer for Tools, Machines & Consumables

Mario Patraschkov

Mario Patraschkov

Head of Sales Tools, Machines & Consumables

+49 (0)30 5858428 31

Please contact us for further information.
We would be pleased to assist you with our expertise in selecting and customizing the tools to your needs!