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Single-sided Machines

For grinding, lapping and polishing

We develop, design and build precision single-sided grinding, lapping and polishing machines. They are used for production of plano and spherical workpieces as prisms, precision plano optics, semiconductor substrates or different kinds of lenses.

The machines are programmable as well as fully CNC or NC-controlled. This helps you improving process stability, process repeatability and product quality. The machines are optimized for processing glass, ceramics and crystals.

Please contact us to discuss your specifications.

Benefits of Single-sided Machines

  • Extremely robust and compact design
  • Process measuring and control technology very precisely adjustable
  • Programs and recipes enable repeatable production processes
  • Recipes can be divided in numerous process steps
  • Machine automatically tracks past runs, temperatures, pressures, drive momentum, etc.
  • Minimization of errors (parameters saved in program)
  • Automatic notification of service intervals
  • Extensive programming and recipe management enables quick training of personnel from outside the industry
  • Export of all process data and batch management possible
Olga Stark

Olga Stark

Internal Sales for Tools, Machines & Consumables

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Jürgen Waidhas

Jürgen Waidhas

Sales Engineer for Tools, Machines & Consumables

Mario Patraschkov

Mario Patraschkov

Head of Sales Tools, Machines & Consumables

+49 (0)30 5858428 31

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would gladly support you with our expertise and customize the machines to your needs.