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Optic cleaning system

The optics cleaning systems from dopa are extremely stable and built from solid hard PVC so that they can be accessed from underneath. The washbasin is equipped with a splash guard on three sides and many storage options. Various dimensions and connections are possible.


  • Adapted to the cleaning of sensitive optics and precision components
  • Part-specific holders and accessories also available
  • High performance plastic construction is corrosion free, chemically resistant and reduces breakage and damage of falling materials
  • Extra-smooth surface finish minimises residue and the likelihood of contamination or damage to downstream processes or components
  • Pre-filtration of wastewater reduces its load of solids and suspended solids. At the same time, it prevents clogging of downstream pipelines
  • Mobile pre-filter enables rapid removal and disposal of accumulated solids
  • Due to the integrated heating unit, the workstation only requires a cold water supply, can be flexibly positioned and does not require an in-house water system.
Olga Stark

Olga Stark

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Jürgen Waidhas

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Mario Patraschkov

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